frequently asked questions

What does Cocoa Bijou stand for?
Cocoa = brown color, melanin
Bijou = something delicate, elegant, and highly prized. Also known as jewelry in French.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Please allow 7-14 days for processing + shipping. If you have any questions please contact Kristen via email:

Why are some products shipped separately?
Products outside of the handmade items will be shipped separately because I outsource their fulfillment. This gives you beautiful products and great rates on shipping, while allowing me to keep enjoying my design process without a crazy work load.

How did you get started into surface design?
Fashion has always been something important to the women in my family; we each have our own sense of style but we typically share taste in accessories, especially jewelry and dresses!

I remember finding a few silk scarves in my mom’s drawer as a teenager and thinking they were so luxurious. The smooth texture was mesmerizing and that feeling made a comfy space for itself in my memory. After reminiscing on that moment in fall of 2019, I realized I’d never owned a real silk scarf for myself so I designed one. And then I spent all of my free time starting a collection of scarves that could be keepsakes for BIPOC women. Keepsakes or bijou as I call them. Hence our name.

Did you go to school for fashion design?
I didn’t. I have been an artist my whole life but I trained to be an architect in college and graduate school from 2007-2014. After working as a project manager/building designer for a few years I felt like my creativity needed a different outlet; something that could be a passion project as well as making a living.

Do you sell wholesale?
Not currently.